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Investments and Portfolios

At Ellis Bates we manage circa £1 billion, underpinned by over 35 years of experience. Whether we are helping clients to accumulate wealth ahead of retirement or protecting their wealth during retirement, investment planning is a pivotal part of our advice. Ellis Bates has developed several unique investment portfolio strategies. They are supported by a rigorous and methodical process that uses bespoke in-house technology. The funds are specifically designed to optimise returns on our clients' investment portfolios.

Investing is a complex business which requires skill, knowledge, resource and a significant amount of time. As Wealth Management specialists we have a vast investment universe available to us and the expertise to provide risk rated and tax wise advice to our clients. Consider the following:

  • We construct a portfolio using a comprehensive and yet balanced mix of asset classes with the amount allocated to each asset class being dependent upon each client’s attitude to risk. For example, the higher the attitude to risk the more is allocated to equities and conversely a more cautious investor will be biased towards fixed interest. If clients require a different risk profile for their pension and/or portfolio, the process will cater for this. Annual reviews will rebalance each portfolio both as to risk bias and to corresponding asset class requirement.  
  • The process uses collective investment funds only and these are selected on an objective basis- the criteria used are stringent and aim to use only the top performing Unit Trust managers in the world. Monthly peer comparison facilitates consistent out-performance.  

To find out more about how Ellis Bates can help you, please contact either our Harrogate or Newcastle office.

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